I remember people when I was in middle school at the early 2000s,
  • Even back in the day before OSRS I recall hearing people speaking about
    RuneScape in people at college etc.. I didn't hear folks talk about
    World of Warcraft or games around as much. I wonder just how long OSRS
    will remain popular. I feel like the majority of the RS gold
    wow players back in the day were an older creation. I remembered some
    of my friends dads raiding throughout vanilla and tbc. It also was like
    3x the sub price of RuneScape so likely did not have as much of a
    audience when compared with rs.

    I remember people when I was in
    middle school at the early 2000s, playing with it then it faded off. I
    then saw Reddit going crazy over it a couple years back.

    That is
    really interesting. People do not half-ass RuneScape. If someone plays
    RuneScape, they are generally obsessed with RuneScape relative to how
    much different people play many other videogames, on account of this
    grind/time investment necessary to keep advancing (years of drama if
    someone wants to reach the end game).

    I operate at the evacuation
    doing 911 and transporting. We have pills (laptops that turn to pills )
    in our ambulances and if the location the individual is moving is a few
    hours away I will play OSRS about the pill (if the individual is
    non-critical and asleep). A countless number of times I've had patients
    awaken and ask me if I had been playing RS and some have played it
    before, or perform it, and we'll have RS discussions all the way to the
    receiving facility.

    I always thought there were only like 7-8
    kids in each grade (my college had like 100 kids each grade) that played
    RuneScape, needless to say people several kids were all part of my
    friendship group I would hang out with regular at school and speak about
    runies, this was back in 2006 when (IMO) it had been at its peak before
    WoW became overly widespread/kids got better computers. Now as a 25 yo
    adult even at work in the bituminous street construction industry I hear
    some of our labourers talking about Recipe for Disaster and while
    awaiting the trucks they are playing it in their telephones.

    how easy it's to discuss. You meet somebody who plays the exact same
    game as you, you're instant best friends and will discuss it until the
    cows come home. The crew do not like us engineers by default but that I
    get along with these boys effortlessly now, and now we're cracking
    RuneScape jokes across the UHF from time to time. I don't know what
    RuneScape is I am here since those memes make no sense must be buy OSRS gold some form of intelligence.

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